What's the Buzz?

Students earned a "free art day" by displaying CHAMPS behavior in art class. They were given a huge variety of art supplies to choose from. The only requirement was to have fun and CREATE!! Check out the video.
Mrs. Schober and Mrs. Banas (our former Music teacher), along with two Hoffman students attended Tech 2017 in Springfield, Illinois. They showcased a poster session titled, Art, Music, and Science Oh My! The students shared how they used Makey Makeys, the coding program, Scratch, along with hand drawn instruments they designed. When the paper instruments were tapped in specific places, students were able to create music! Congratulations on being able to share your work in such an awesome venue! Here's a link to a video showing their experience.
Mrs. Hines 4th graders learned a song to help them remember different nonfiction text structures.  The students loved it!
Mrs. Spina y una de sus estudiantes hicieron un video para explicar como usar el Buddy Bench (Banco de Amigos), que está en nuestra parque afuera de la escuela. Usando el Banco de Amigos puede ayudar con el sentimiento de ser solitario, y puede ayudar con la creación de amistades en la escuela. Queremos que todos los estudiantes de Hoffman sean amigables, tolerantes, y inclusivos. El video está para que todos en El Distrito de Glenview 34 puede verlo. Si no puede ver el video, pregunta a sus hijos si pueden enseñarle usando el iPad de la escuela. Haga un clic aquí para ver el video. Please click on the words, The Buddy Bench, at the top of this announcement to see the English explanation.