Parent FAQs


What do we do if our child is absent?
One of the major objectives of the school health program is the encouragement and development of good health habits. For each child’s protection and for the protection of schoolmates, children should stay home when they have the following symptoms: sore throat, coughing, rashes, weakness, fever, earache, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, enlarged glands, diarrhea, or listlessness.

If, for any reason, your child must be absent from school, parents should call the health office (847-998-5041) before school begins each day by 8:15 am that your child is absent. Each school has a voicemail system that is available 24 hours a day. (Parents can leave a message with absence information at any time, even when shool is not in session.) State your child's name, grade and teacher's name. If you do not report your child's absence within the first hour of school, the school nurse will contact your home. If your child is ill with a strep infection or other illness that is contagious, report this at the time of your call. Your child should be free of fever for twenty-four hours before returning to school.

Absences which have been accounted for through telephone communication do not require a written note when the child returns to school. However, if a child has had a communicable disease, a note indicating the child may return to school is required from the attending physician.

All children are required by law to attend school every day. Repeated absence from school without a valid reason is considered truancy. The Principal will contact parents as a first step in dealing with this problem. School resources such as the school nurse, social worker, etc. are available in attempting to find a solution. If the problem is not resolved at the local school, it shall be referred to the Truancy Office at Suburban Cook County Regional Office of Education.

What do we do if our child will be absent for an extended period of time?

If your child will be out of school for an extended vacation, notify the teacher and health office in writing in advance of the absence. Homework or make-up work is not provided for extended vacations. Your child should read daily and keep a journal of the trip, which can be given to the teacher upon return. If your child will be out of school for an extended period of time due to illness, surgery, etc., please notify the health office.
What happens if our child has a repeated absence?

Repeated absence from school without a valid reason is considered truancy. The Principal will contact parents as a first step in addressing this problem. School personnel (health coordinator, social worker) will be called upon to find a solution. If the problem is not resolved at the local school level, it will be referred to the District Truant Officer who may call on the resources of outside agencies.
What to do if parents will be out of town.

Please advise the school in writing if you are planning to be away for any extended time while your child remains in school. The office should know the name and telephone number of the person(s) who will be responsible for your child in your absence.

After School Pick-up Procedures

What is the after school pick-up procedure?
The following procedures have been put in place to make the end of the day safe and smooth. We ask that all parents please assist us in assuring that every child at Hoffman is safe by following these rules. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

All parents are asked to remain in their vehicle and pull up alongside the curb at the front of the building (west parking lot) to load their children on the curbside. Parents are not allowed to park and walk their children to a vehicle. When entering from Harrison Street, please keep to the right side until you reach the start of the line (behind cones in front of the building). Please do not park your car along the fence or in front of the cones on curbside. Only a single lane of traffic will be allowed in the inner circle of the driveway along the front of the school at the end of the day. Anyone needing to enter the school for an after school meeting or activity is asked to park in the lot or the street. The only exceptions to this are vehicles with designated handicapped parking permits and the Special Education buses.

Parents will not be allowed to park and wait in the school hallway or outside of the front door of the school for their child, but must remain in their vehicle.

Please do not pick-up or park your car in the east parking lot. This parking lot is designated for bus pick-up and drop off only.

If your child is assigned a bus please use this service whenever possible. If you will be picking children up at the end of of the day, please write a note indicating your child will be a walker. Your signature, along with the correct day/date, will help in making the correct changes.

If on the rare occasion your transportation arrangements require  change for your child during the school day please call the office before 2:00 pm. This will allow the office staff ample time to notify your child's teacher of the change.

Students are not allowed to ride any bus other than the one assigned. Thus, a child may not ride home on another bus for a play date or go to another child's home if it requires a change from their assigned bus. Parents will need to make their own transportation arrangements for this purpose.

If it is necessary for your child to get off at another stop on the same route, a note from the parent or guardian must be sent to school and approved by the Principal.

Arrival to School

What is the earliest my child can arrive at school?
Students may begin arriving at school no earlier than 7:40 in the morning, as there is no supervision on the playground prior to that time.  The bell to line up and enter the building rings at 7:45 a.m., so all students should arrive to school by this time.  Teachers will greet the children at their entrance door.  Students will not be allowed in the building before 7:45 a.m. The office staff at school cannot take responsibility for supervision of students arriving early.
Students eating breakfast at school will be allowed to enter the cafeteria at 7:35 am.

In the case of inclement weather, the children will be allowed to enter through the front door or 5th grade entrance. They are politely requested to wait quietly outside their classrooms.

Early Dismissal & Tardy Questions

What do we do if our child will be late for school?
Hoffman school hours are 7:55 am to 2:30 pm. If you are dropping off your child after 7:55 am, please make sure they enter through the front door of the main office.  Your child will be asked to sign-in in the health office.  A classroom pass will be issued and given to your child to present to the teacher. If your child will be ordering lunch, they will be instructed to stop in the cafeteria.  Tardy or late arrival is 7:55 am or anytime after.
What do we do if we need to pick-up our child early?
To pick-up your child during the regular school day, that morning please write a note or send an email to your child’s teacher and it will be passed on to the office. Your child must be signed out at in the Hoffman health office before leaving the school.  Upon your arrival someone in the office will call your child down to the office.  Children will not be allowed to wait outside for an early release nor be released from the classroom before the parent has checked in at the health office.

Recess Policy

Can my child stay inside for recess?
All children participate in a recess period after their designated lunch period. There is no other recess during the school day. All children are expected to participate in recess if they are in school. A doctor’s note is necessary for children to stay inside for recess. The doctor’s note should include your child’s name, reason, and duration (start and end dates). Children should be dressed appropriately to be outside if the wind-chill index is above zero.

Physical Education Participation

What happens when my child has an injury or is not feeling well?
Your child participates in Physical Education on a daily basis. A child may be exempted from some or all physical activities when the appropriate excuses are submitted to the school by parent(s)/guardian(s) or by a doctor.


What happens when my child needs to take medication during the school day?
If your child needs any medication administered during the school day (prescription or over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, cough drops, allergy medications, etc) a medication form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and the prescribing doctor.
Medication can only be administered to a child when the parent/guardian and prescribing doctor has completed and signed the necessary medical form. The form can be secured from the school office or the District’s website.
Please remember that all prescription medication must be in a pharmacy vial or bottle with the current date. Over-the-counter medication must be in its original packaging.

Transportation Questions

How late can I call in a "walker"?
We ask that if your child is going to be a walker that you send a note to your child’s teacher in the morning.  If there is a last minute change you can call the office to report that you want your child to be a walker by 2:00 pm.  We ask that you not call after 2:00 pm in the interest of the child’s safety.
What are student expectations when riding a school bus?
Students are expected to behave courteously and safely while waiting for and riding on school buses. Instruction on bus safety and evacuation is scheduled twice a year. Parents are expected to discuss bus safety with their children.
If inappropriate behavior is observed on a bus: 1) The bus driver will first talk to the student and issue a verbal warning. 2) The bus driver will bring the complaint to the Principal in written format, and the child will meet with the Principal. The parent is notified. 3) Bus riding privileges may be suspended for a period of time. If a parent has a question/concern about bus service, please contact the Principal or the District’s Director of Transportation.
What are the transportation rules?
The District shall provide free transportation for all students in the District: (1) residing at a distance of one and one-half miles or more from their assigned schools, or (2) residing within one and one-half miles from their assigned schools where walking to school or to a pick-up point or bus stop would constitute a serious hazard due to vehicular traffic or rail crossing, and adequate public transportation is not available.

The District may provide and charge a fee for transportation for other students residing within one and one-half miles from their assigned school. A student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) may file a petition with the School Board requesting the District to submit a serious safety hazard finding to IDOT requesting transportation due to the existence of a serious safety hazard. 

Free transportation services and vehicle adaptation for special education students shall be provided if included in the students’ individualized educational program.

Students are only allowed to ride the bus or buses they have been assigned to ride and will only be assigned to one morning route and one afternoon route. Additionally, they may only be picked up from and dropped off at their assigned stop or stops and these stops are to remain consistent. Parents are responsible for transportation if a short-term change is needed.

Birthday Questions

Birthday party invites - Can we hand out invitations at school?
Hoffman School does not allow birthday party invitations to be distributed at school.  We ask that invites be mailed.  We cannot give out address information, however you may be able to find this information in the PTA directory.

Cell Phone Policy

Is my child allowed to carry a cell phone?
The possession and use of cell phones by students at the intermediate school level are to be used in emergency situations and not merely for convenience. As such, they are subject to the following rules: 1) A parent must register his/her child’s cell phone with the school by completing and signing the “Cell Phone Use Agreement” form. 2) The cell phone is not for use during the school day and must be kept in the student’s backpack (not desk) from the start of the school day until the student leaves school property. During this time, the cell phone must be turned OFF (no tone or vibrating functions should be on). A student’s school day starts the moment the child enters the building.  3) Games, cameras, text-messaging, and any other add-on devices for cell phones are not to be used during the school day and on field trips.
Violation guidelines will be provided with the agreement form (as outlined above).