What's the Buzz?

We will be celebrating Halloween on Friday, October 28, 2016. Your child is allowed to go home for lunch on this day. We will need a written permission slip from you.  We politely request that if your child is going home for lunch on this day he/she goes home ONLY during his/her regular scheduled lunch hour/recess period. We will begin our annual Halloween parade at 1:15 pm. We will march throughout the school and parents may view the parade in the gymnasium. ​ Please click on the title, Halloween, for further information about this day.
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Starting Dates
Beginning Band/Orchestra: Week of Sept 12
Advanced Band/Orchestra: Rehearsal Sept 1

Lesson Days Start 8th Advanced
Band: Beginning M or T or W, Advanced TH/F
Orchestra: W/Th/F

Group Days
Beginning Band: W 11:50
Advanced Band: TH 7:15
Beginning Orchestra: TH 11:50
Advanced Orchestra: TH 12:20

Come meet with your child's teacher and learn about what is happening this year in school! 
This is a night for parents only. Thank you!
We sold 191 yearbooks so Trees for the Future will plant that many trees in Hoffman's name. Yea!